Restaurant Tech's Next Frontier: Back Office Efficiency

When it comes to restaurant technology, the innovations that make headlines may not be the improvements that make the most sense for operators. Check out our slideshow for more on the newest wave of restaurant technology that offer operators the ability to save both time and money: back office solutions.


Innovation in the restaurant industry

For a long time, "restaurant innovation" meant the evolution of new cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy and sous vide. But the kitchen is just one arena where technology is changing the way restaurants work. 

As the 2018 Restaurant Tech Ecosystem makes clear, for every problem restaurants face, there's a company that offers a solution. While self-serve ordering kiosks may be the most visible form of restaurant technology and automated meal prep the most talked-about, the back office isn't far behind. More so, transforming the back office offers numerous perks that can save restaurants thousands of dollars in a month.

From purchasing and ordering to employee scheduling to waste reduction, back office tech is revolutionizing how restaurants are run. The behind the scenes decisions are especially important for restaurateurs looking to keep their prime costs lean and their profit margins fat. 


Breaking away from "how it's always been done"

A major roadblock in adopting restaurant tech is an insistence on doing things how they've always been done, even if those workflows just don't make sense anymore. With recent developments in technology, restaurants should also optimize their processes like any other business.

For example: 

Operators are concerned about the high cost of third-party delivery, but regularly rack up sky-high FedEx charges by sending invoices to the home office.

Operators carefully conduct make-or-buy analysis, but spend precious hours—and dollars—on manual data entry.

Operators who wouldn't dream of managing their personal finances without online banking still write paper checks for their business.

Operators who count every last lime during inventory still struggle to get detailed insight into their expenses.

Contradictions like these only exist if you're committed to doing things the way they've always been done. But it doesn't have to be that way.


A new way to run your BOH

While technology can't solve every back office problem, it can help restaurateurs save time by taking day-to-day tasks off their plates so they can focus on more important matters. 

Here at Plate IQ, we provide tools designed to take as much paperwork as possible off operators' hands by virtually automating their invoice processing and accounts payable. On top of that, our software provides restaurants with the ability to understand how costs fluctuate and make decisions based on hard data.

We've seen back office tech transform the way restaurants are run, resulting in:

Less time spent processing invoices, especially for multi-unit operators.

Less reliance on paper-based workflows that require endless post office runs.

Less money spent on bookkeeping, despite significant growth.

Those are the kinds of wins that every restaurant can benefit from...if they're willing to take a chance on a new way of doing things. 

Curious about how technology can transform your back office? Take a chance and check us out!

Cyndy Willis-Chun

Cyndy Willis-Chun

Cyndy works in marketing at Plate IQ. When she's not behind a keyboard, she's probably hanging out with her schnauzer.