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The Top 10 Restaurant Industry YouTube Channels You Should Be Following

The largest video platform in the world, YouTube is filled with tales of unique cuisines around the world, interviews with passionate chefs, restaurant profiles and much more. If you work in the restaurant industry, you can find a lot of information, news, ideas, and inspiration by checking out these great restaurant and food related channels.

1. The National Restaurant Association

The official Youtube Channel for the National Restaurant Association offers a ton of useful and interesting videos all about the restaurant industry. There’s a practical guide to how to dispose of oils, fat, and grease, a video about fish dishes that will help you reduce waste, and a culinary forecast of hot menu trends.

Also, every month this channel posts a Restaurant Industry Update which sums up the latest Restaurant Performance Index, spending, jobs created and other economic factors in the industry.


One of the most popular food related channels on YouTube, SORTEDFood will give you some great ideas for new and creative recipes you can try at your restaurant. It’s a fun and energetic channel based out of the UK and the videos will seriously make your mouth water. For example, recently they cooked up honeycomb ice cream, steamed bao buns with fried chicken, and shakshuka — a North African/Middle Eastern dish with baked eggs in a spicy tomato and pepper sauce.

3. CGIAR Climate

This is a very interesting channel created by CGIAR’s Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security research program. Relevant to anyone within the restaurant industry, it includes several interesting and informative videos about climate change and agriculture. You can watch compelling interviews and stories about small scale farmers, interviews with food production experts and learn about climate-smart agriculture.

4. Small Food Business

This channel is a resource for small artisan food entrepreneurs. It doesn’t feature cooking tips or recipes, but rather information about how to start and grow your own successful food business. For example, it offers tips on how to plan for a successful Farmer’s Market season, how to determine pricing for your food products, how to take great food photos and how to market your restaurant on Facebook.

5. Foodskey

This intriguing channel is all about the science of food and drink. It is interesting for anyone who works in the food industry, as the videos reveal fascinating facts that you might not have known about your favourite foods. For example, do you know why broccoli changes colour when it cooks? Or what happens when you blast strawberries with plasma? Well, you will soon find out.

6. Tastemade

Tastemade is a pretty amazing Youtube channel. It goes beyond simple cooking videos to offer you stories that weave together travel, culture and much more. There is so much to discover within this channel and you might find yourself binge watching videos for hours.

For example, the Alice in Paris series follows a young French woman as she explores a city she knows well. Or, the series called All the Pizza in which the host Carlo travels the world in search of the perfect pizza. There’s also an intriguing series called The Tale of Kitto Katto in which tastemaker Emmy Cho samples Japan’s unique Kit Kat flavours. This channel is a must for anyone in the restaurant industry, as it is all about the role of food in the human experience.

7. Eater

The Eater channel on YouTube is another fascinating source of videos about the restaurant industry, coming from 24 cities all over North America. It features a wide range of different content, from recipes to animations to features to explainer videos and much more.

For example, some of the recent videos include a story about where to find Mexico’s freshest seafood, a review of a six-course tasting menu at NYC’s Contra and a feature on restauranteur Angie Belling, who opened up a blue collar cafe in a small repurposed house in South Carolina with her mother.

8. Munchies

Munchies is a food channel that was created by VICE that includes great stories about the restaurant industry from all over the world. It covers chef profiles, restaurant life, breaking news, food culture, and more. It also includes the “Munchies Guide to…” series which covers the culinary culture of great locations such as Wales and Berlin.

Check out this great video in which Halaigh Whelan-McManus, an Irish chef who cooks at a three Michelin starred restaurant in Oslo, visits a hotdog vendor in Copenhagen to learn the secrets of the perfect Danish hotdog.

9. Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

If you’re looking for the ultimate guide to what NOT to do when running a restaurant, watch a few of these very entertaining videos by British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. Warning — his language is definitely not kid friendly. Ramsay often drops quite a few f-bombs during his rants about undercooked, overcooked, dry, tasteless, and simply terrible food.

10. The Restaurant Boss

The Restaurant Boss is a great source of info for anyone within the restaurant industry. It offers helpful advice for opening a restaurant or a bar, designing your menu, strategies for marketing your restaurant, tips for making more money and much more. The videos are very practical and useful — for example a couple of the recent videos are “Three Things You Can Do Today for a Better Restaurant Tomorrow” and “What to Do When Restaurant Employees Hate Each Other.”

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