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Plate IQ Weekend Reads

Five articles pertaining to restaurants, food, or booze to get you through the weekend:

1. The Wall Street Journal investigates why fruits and vegetables are so cheap in Chinatown.

2. The New York Times profiles Thomas Keller, 61, who remains as culinarily ambitious as ever.

3. A long article in Wired looks at how Silicon Valley is using tech to help California’s water-starved agricultural sector.

4. The NBA playoffs are underway, and while Steph Curry hopes to guide the Golden State Warriors back to the finals, his wife, Ayesha, is set to open a restaurant in San Francisco.

5. A Danish brewery has just released a “pisner.” It’s a pilsner in which the barley was fertilized by urine gathered at a music festival two years ago.

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Plate IQ

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